Remote control problem

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Following disconnection of the vehicle battery, replacement of the remote control battery or in the event of a remote control malfunction, you can no longer unlock, lock or locate your vehicle.

First of all, use the key in the lock to unlock or lock your vehicle.
Then, reinitialise the remote control.

If the problem persists, contact a CITROËN dealer as soon as possible.


  • Switch off the ignition.
  • Turn the key to position 2 (Ignition) .
  • Press the closed padlock immediately for a few seconds.
  • Switch off the ignition and remove the key from the ignition switch.

The remote control is fully operational again.

Changing the battery

Battery ref.: CR1620/3 volts.

Battery ref.: CR1620/3 volts.

This replacement battery is available from CITROËN dealers.

If the battery is fl at, you

If the battery is fl at, you are informed by lighting of this warning lamp, an audible signal and a message on the multifunction screen.

  • Unclip the casing using a coin at the notch.
  • Slide the fl at battery out of its location.
  • Slide the new battery into its location observing the original direction.
  • Clip the casing.
  • Reinitialise the remote control.

Lost keys

Visit a CITROËN dealer with the vehicle's V5 registration document and your personal identifi cation documents. The CITROËN dealer will be able to retrieve the key code and the transponder code required to order a replacement key.

Remote control

The high frequency remote control is a sensitive system; do not operate it while it is in your pocket as there is a possibility that it may unlock the vehicle, without you being aware of it.

Do not repeatedly press the buttons of your remote control out of range and out of sight of your vehicle. You run the risk of stopping it from working and the remote control would have to be reinitialised.

The remote control does not operate when the key is in the ignition, even when the ignition is switched off, except for reinitialisation.

Locking the vehicle

Driving with the doors locked may make access to the passenger compartment by the emergency services more diffi cult in an emergency.

As a safety precaution (with children on board), remove the key from the ignition when you leave the vehicle, even for a short time.

Anti-theft protection

Do not make any modifi cations to the electronic engine immobiliser system; this could cause malfunctions.

When purchasing a second-hand vehicle

Have the key codes memorised by a CITROËN dealer, to ensure that the keys in your possession are the only ones which can start the vehicle.

Do not throw the remote control batteries away, they contain metals which are harmful to the environment.

Take them to an approved collection point.

Deadlocking using the remote control

  • Press the closed padlock to lock the vehicle completely.
  • Press the closed padlock again within fi ve seconds to deadlock the vehicle.

Deadlocking using the key

  • Turn the key to the right in the driver’s door lock to lock the vehicle completely.
  • Turn the key to the right again within fi ve seconds to deadlock the vehicle.

Deadlocking is confi rmed by fi xed lighting of the direction indicators for approximately two seconds.

According to version, the exterior mirrors fold at the same time.

Deadlocking renders the exterior and interior door controls inoperative.

It also deactivates the manual central control button.

Therefore, never leave anyone inside the vehicle when it is deadlocked.

Folding the key

Folding the key

First press button A to fold the key.

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