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Your vehicle may have:

A driverís airbag located in the steering wheel, under the central cover.
A passenger's airbag in the dashboard.
Two side airbags located in the backrests of the driverís seat and front passengerís seat (door side).
Two curtain airbags located on the interior edges of the roof.
The control unit for the airbags and sensors analyses any frontal and lateral impacts suffered in the collision detection zones (see illustration p 91).

According to the degree of seriousness of impacts, it determines:

Whether the seat belt is sufficient to protect you (Slight impact).
Whether the seat belt pretensioner needs to be additionally actioned in order to hold you in your seat (Medium impact).
Whether the airbag should be deployed in addition to the two initial systems (Violent impact).

Never deactivate the passenger's airbag when a passenger is present (unless a child in a rear-facing child seat). See "Passenger's airbag deactivation". Each time you switch on the ignition, a warning lamp in the dashboard lights up for a few seconds and then goes out.

Consult a CITROËN dealer in the following situations:

The warning lamp flashes for a few minutes then remains on.
The warning lamp does not light up.
A message appears on the display.

Replacement of the pyrotechnic systems associated with the airbags After the airbags have been deployed, the pyrotechnic systems have to be changed in strict compliance with the manufacturer's specifications.

Examples of impact detection zones

Area of side impact

Area of side impact

Area of frontal impact

Area of side impact

Front airbags and knees airbags

For these airbags to deploy, it requires a violent frontal impact applied on all or part of the frontal impact zone (see illustration) from forward of the vehicle in a horizontal plane. The airbag interposes itself between the vehicle's front occupant and the dashboard to cushion the person from being thrown forward. The airbag thus limits the risk of trauma to the head and chest. For the driver, the knees airbag protects the knees. The front passengerís airbag can be deactivated. see "Passenger's airbag deactivation".

Side airbags and curtain airbags

Deployment of these airbags requires a violent lateral impact applied on all or part of one of the lateral collision zones, coming in a horizontal plane from the side. The role of the side airbag is to place itself between the occupant (driver or front passenger) and the door panel, thus limiting the risk of injuries to the chest.

The role of the curtain airbag is to place itself between the front or rear occupant and the windows, thus limiting the risk of injuries to the head. These airbags may not deploy if there is only a slight collision on the side of the vehicle, or if the vehicle rolls over. They will not deploy for a front or rear collision.

The front passengerís airbag can be deactivated.

The front passengerís airbag can be deactivated.

Passengerís airbag deactivation

Passengerís airbag deactivation

In order to be able to use a "rear-facing" child seat in the front passenger position, it is essential to deactivate the passenger airbag.

To do that :

- With the ignition off, insert the key into the switch A, located in the glovebox.
- Turn the key to position "OFF". The passengerís airbag is deactivated.

The front passenger airbag deactivation warning lamp in the instrument panel lights up (ignition on).

To reactivate the front passengerís airbag

Donít forget to reactivate the airbag function for a passenger or a forward facing child seat. To do that, with ignition switched off:

- Insert and turn the key to the "ON" position, the airbag is activated.

The warning lamp in the instrument panel comes on for a few seconds when you switch the ignition on.

If there is a malfunction, the "airbag fault" warning lamp comes on. In the front passengerís seat position, it is essential to deactivate the front passengerís airbag whenever a "rear-facing" child seat is installed there. Otherwise the child risks being killed or seriously injured should the airbag deploy.

The wearing of seat belts is compulsory for all vehicle occupants. Inside the cabin, the seat belt is the most important protection for passengers. The airbag is a protection in addition to the seat belt. Its effectiveness requires the seat belt to be worn correctly. Children under ten years of age should always be carried in the rear seats. See "Child safety". The driver and passengers must adopt a normal, vertical sitting position that is compatible with deployment of the airbags. See "Driving position". Never attach anything to the steering wheel central cover, to the sides of the front seats or to the vehicle pillars or roof (risk of injuries should the airbags deploy). Hold the steering wheel in the "quarter- past-nine" position: do not hold it by the branches or rest your hands on its central cover. Smoke as little as possible in the vehicle (risk of burns or injury should the airbag be deployed). Do not leave any accessory or object on the dashboard or between your body and the airbag (risk of malfunction or personal injury). Fit only seat covers that are approved by CITROËN. Do not put your feet on the dashboard (risk of injury should the front passenger airbag deploy). The airbags do not deploy in the case of a slight collision or an impact at the rear of the vehicle or in certain manoeuvring conditions. The deployment of one or more airbags is accompanied by a small release of unharmful smoke, as well as by a detonation that is caused by the activation of the pyrotechnic cartridge integral to the system. This smoke is not toxic but may be an irritant to persons who are sensitive. The noise of the detonation may affect hearing for a brief time. Vacate the vehicle as soon as possible after the accident (provided it is safe to do so). If this is not possible, open the windows or doors. Even observing all the advised precautions, the risk of injury or slight burning to the head, chest or arms during deployment of an airbag cannot be ruled out. In fact, inflation of the airbag is virtually instantaneous (approx. 30 milliseconds); then it deflates in the same time, emitting hot gases through holes provided for this purpose. This equipment works only once. It cannot operate to provide further protection in the event of a second impact. It is imperative to have the system overhauled in strict compliance with the manufacturer's specifications.

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