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This driving assistance device allows you to select a maximum speed that you

This driving assistance device allows you to select a maximum speed that you wish not to exceed. This has to be a speed greater than 30 km/h (approx. 20 mph). The speed limiter controls are located on the steering wheel.

Note: The information relating to the limiter is displayed in zone A of the instrument panel.

To select the function

Turn control 1 to position "LIM". On selection of the function, the last speed memorised and the information "OFF" will appear:

To adjust the maximum speed

To adjust the maximum speed

Provided the engine is running, you can adjust the memorised maximum speed, with short or long presses on:

- button 4 to increase the memorised maximum speed,
- button 2 to decrease the memorised maximum speed.

Note: successive presses modify the memorised speed in steps of 1 km/h (1 mph), a continuous press in steps of 5 km/h (3 mph).

Activation of the maximum speed

When the desired maximum speed is displayed, press button 3 to activate the limitation. The information "OFF" then disappears from zone A. While the function is active, pressing the accelerator pedal will not enable you to go beyond the programmed speed unless you press the pedal hard down past the tight spot (see "Temporary exceeding of the maximum speed").

Note: The vehicle speed may vary slightly from that memorised.

Note: The vehicle speed may vary slightly from that memorised.

Deactivation of the maximum speed

Deactivation of the maximum speed

Press button 3. The information "OFF" will appear on the instrument panel screen. This action does not cancel the memorised maximum speed, which remains displayed in zone A of the instrument panel.

Temporary override of the maximum speed

You can exceed the memorised maximum speed at any time by pressing the accelerator pedal hard down past the tight spot. During the time the limit speed is being exceeded, the displayed speed flashes. You have only to release the accelerator pedal to return below the maximum speed, thus keeping the function active.

Note: if during speed limitation, the system cannot keep to the maximum speed (especially on a steep descent or if you accelerate too hard) the speed flashes. Adapt your speed as necessary. The function will re-engage when your speed has returned below the desired maximum.

To stop the function

To stop the function

- move the control from position "LIM" to position 0.
- or stop the engine.

The speed that you chose is memorised. In the event of a malfunction, a message is displayed, accompanied by a sound signal and lighting of the SERVICE warning lamp. Consult your CITROËN dealer.

A floor mat not recommended by CITROËN risks sliding under the accelerator pedal, thus preventing you from pressing past the tight spot. It will then be impossible to exit from the desired limitation, unless by acting on the steering wheel control. The driver must still remain attentive and in complete control of the vehicle. We advise the driver to keep their feet close to the pedals.

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