Operating fault

Citroen C3 / Citroen C3 Owner's Manual / Child safety / Airbags / Operating fault

If this warning lamp comes on on

If this warning lamp comes on on the instrument panel, accompanied by an audible warning and a message on the multifunction screen, contact a CITROËN dealer to have the system checked. The airbags may no longer be triggered in the event of a serious impact.

If this warning lamp fl ashes,

If this warning lamp fl ashes, contact a CITROËN dealer. The passenger's front airbag may no longer be triggered in the event of a serious impact.

If at least one of the two airbag warning lamps come on continuously, do not install a child seat on the front passenger seat.

Have the system checked by a CITROËN dealer.

For the airbags to be fully effective, observe the following safety rules:

Sit in a normal upright position. Wear a correctly adjusted seat belt. Do not leave anything between the occupants and the airbags (a child, pet, object...). This could hamper the operation of the airbags or injure the occupants.

After an accident or if the vehicle has been stolen or broken into, have the airbag systems checked.

All work on the airbag system is strictly forbidden unless it is carried out by qualifi ed personnel of the CITROËN network.

Even if all of the precautions mentioned are observed, a risk of injury or of minor burns to the head, chest or arms when an airbag is triggered cannot be ruled out. The bag infl ates almost instantly (within a few milliseconds) then defl ates within the same time discharging the hot gas via openings provided for this purpose.

Front airbags

Do not drive holding the steering wheel by its spokes or resting your hands on the centre part of the wheel. Passengers must not place their feet on the dashboard. If possible, do not smoke as deployment of the airbags can cause burns or the risk of injury from a cigarette or pipe. Never remove or pierce the steering wheel or hit it violently.

Side airbags

Use only approved covers on the seats. These will not hinder infl ation of the side airbags. Consult a CITROËN dealer.

Do not fi x or apply anything to the seat backs. This could cause injury to the chest or arms if the side air bag is triggered.

Do not sit with the upper part of the body any nearer to the door than necessary.

Curtain airbags

Do not fi x or apply anything to the roof. This could cause injury to the head if the curtain airbag is triggered.

Do not remove the grab handles installed on the roof, they play a part in securing the curtain airbags.

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