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Using the RDS (radio data system) function on FM

The majority of FM radio stations use the RDS system. The radio in your vehicle has this system. The RDS system enables these stations to transmit non-audible data in addition to the broadcasting of their programmes. The data provides access to various functions described in this chapter, such as: display of the station name, intermittent traffic information flashes or automatic scanning of stations. This enables you to continue listening to your chosen radio station, regardless of the different frequencies it uses in the regions through which you are travelling.

Scanning of RDS stations

Your radio keeps the best possible reception by continuously looking for any other frequencies on which the selected radio station is broadcast, automatically choosing the frequency offering the best reception (if the station broadcasts on more than one transmitter or frequency).

Activation/deactivation of the rds functions

The RDS functions can be accessed via the following two menus:

- Main menu (press button O).
- AUDIO menu (press button L).

To activate/deactivate the RDS functions on the display C:

1. Press button O.
2. Select the AUDIO icon using buttons J or M.
3. Confirm your choice with a press on button L.
4. Select the sub-menu for the FM waveband, via buttons J or M. Confirm your choice with a press on button L.
5. Select scanning for RDS stations, via buttons J or M.
6. Validate your choice with a press on button L.
7. Using control L, select/deselect to activate/deactivate the function.
8. Validate your choice by selecting "OK" on the display.

To activate/deactivate the RDS functions on the display A:

1. Press button O.
2. Select the AUDIO-CD icon via buttons J or M.
3. Select scanning for RDS stations, via buttons J or M. The system tells you the status (active or inactive) of the function.
4. Modify this status via buttons K or N.
5. Then please wait for the display to disappear.


If the RDS function is active:

- The "RDS" on the display will light up provided the station being received uses the RDS system with scanning of frequencies.
- The "RDS" on the display is barred if the station received uses the RDS system without frequency search.

If your RDS function is deactivated, the "RDS" on the display will be absent in all cases. The display will indicate the "NAME" for the stations that use the RDS system and the frequency for stations that do not use it.

Regional search mode

Some stations, when they are organised in networks, broadcast regional programmes at certain times of day, and national programmes at other times. It is possible to search:

- Either for a regional station only.
- Or across the whole network in order to find a different programme.

To activate/deactivate this function, proceed as for Scanning of RDS stations.


When this mode is activated, the system will remain tuned to one specific regional station.

TA traffic information (traffic announcements)

Some stations allow broadcasting, only in FM, of these messages thanks to the "TA" function. You can activate the "TA" function by pressing on button I. This allows you, even though you are listening to another audio source or to a radio programme not itself providing traffic messages, to receive traffic information flashes from an FM station which broadcasts them.

While the messages are being broadcast the original source is paused and when the messages have ended your radio will automatically revert to the music programme you were listening to.


- You have to be in FM wave band.
- The station being listened to should indicate via the RDS system that it broadcasts traffic information.
- Stations organised in a network (EON) have regional transmitters that send their own programmes: while you are listening to one of these stations the system will switch automatically to a station on the network that is broadcasting traffic information.
- You can stop listening to a message by pressing button I.

Sound volume adjustment for traffic information

information operates separately from that for the rest of the system, and can be adjusted independently. Rotate button A while a traffic information message is being broadcast. This volume adjustment is memorised.

Selecting a programme type

Certain stations offer the possibility of listening to a particular programme type, selected from a list (PTY). press for more than two seconds on button I. Press on buttons J or M to scroll through and select the programme type you prefer, then press on button L to validate your choice.

Searching for a station broadcasting this programme type

When you have chosen a programme type, the list of corresponding stations appears on the display, press on buttons J or M to scroll down and select the station you want, then press on button L to validate your choice.

Quitting pty mode

To quit "PTY" mode, select the function to deactivate "PTY" in the list of the different programme types.

Radio text via contextual menu

This function allows you to view the information broadcast by the station, concerning the programme you are currently listening to. To activate/deactivate this function, proceed as for Scanning of RDS stations.

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