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Your audio system may be Bluetooth« compatible. It allows you to connect a mobile telephone for "hands free" use and even to use its directory. It permits you to twin up to four telephones, to be able then to connect whichever one you choose. The Bluetooth« functions available and the content of the display are dependent on the type of mobile telephone, its settings and the type of contract you have. For this reason it is advisable to make enquiries with your telephone provider.

Prior to any operation:

- Your display should be lit up (key in position M).
- Your telephoneĺs Bluetooth« system must be activated.

Twinning a telephone

Twinning a telephone consists of having it recognised by the Bluetooth« system on your vehicle. This then permits an instantaneous connection. Twinning can only be performed with ignition switched on, display illuminated, engine stopped. No other telephone should be connected.

- The twinning must be performed with the telephone and its Bluetooth« system activated.


Refer to the user instructions to familiarise yourself with the features of twinning.

- The telephone detects the Bluetooth« system on your vehicle. "C4" displays on your telephone. You should then select "C4" on your telephone controls. Next you must choose whether or not to accept this twinning then select, on screen C using J, M or 8, one of the 4 memories. Validate with a press on button L or 7.


You can select a memory already attributed, although the telephone twinned to this location will no longer be.

- Next the telephone asks you to enter an identification code: 1234.
- Validate.


This entry may be demanded earlier in the twinning sequence. The telephone is now twinned to your Bluetooth« system. For immediate access to the Bluetooth« functions, it may be necessary to make a connection (see following page "Configuration: Connecting a twinned mobile telephone"). Once the twinning is finished, you will be able to connect your telephone via the "Main menu".

Connecting a twinned telephone

Each time you enter the vehicle, after switching on the audio system, your telephone is detected automatically. If more than one telephone is present, the last telephone to have been connected is the first to be recognised.


Disconnections may occur. You may have to make a new connection (see following page, "Configuration: Connecting a twinned mobile telephone").


- In the event of a problem, it is recommended to switch your telephone off and then on again.
- If you switch off your telephone within the field of reception of the Bluetooth« system on your vehicle, the next connection will not be automatic. To restore automatic connection, you will have to connect your telephone manually (see following page, "Configuration: Connecting a twinned mobile telephone").
- If you are already in telephone communication when the audio system is turned on, the latter detects the telephone.
- To avoid interference, you are advised not to place your mobile telephone close to your radio.

To accept an incoming call

Using button L or control 7 at the steering wheel.

Main Menu

Press on the Menu control O to access the Main Menu, then select the "Telephone" icon via buttons J, M or 8 and then validate the selection via button L or 7.

You have access:

- To the Directory.
- To Configuration.
- To Communication Management. You access your choices using J, M or 8 then you validate them with a press on L or 7. This main menu can also be accessed by pressing button E then button L.


This menu lets you open:

- The telephone Directory of the telephone that is connected.
- The Calls List. This menu can also be accessed with a press on control 11.

Telephone directory

The starting of a telephone call can be done independently of the telephone or of the audio system, thanks to the directory. The directory is displayed. Select the number via J, M or 8, then validate with a press on L or 7.


- The directory displayed updates itself automatically.
- If the person to be called does not figure in the directory, the call can only be made starting from the telephone.
- If you have information recorded in the Vcard format, you must select the person you wish to call, then validate. A list of 4 numbers maximum can be displayed with the following labels: "Home", "Office", "Mobile" and "Car".

Calls list

After selecting this component and then validating, the calls list is displayed with a maximum of: 10 calls made (arrow pointing upward), 10 calls received (arrow pointing downward) and 10 calls not connected. It is possible to make a call starting from this list: Select the number via J, M or 8, then validate with a press on L or 7.


This menu allows you to:

- Deleting a twinning.

Using J, M or 8, select this choice then validate via L or 7. Select in the list the telephone that you no longer wish to have twinned. Validate.

- Consulting the list of twinnings.

The list of telephones twinned is displayed.

- Connecting a mobile telephone that is twinned.

Select the telephone that you wish to connect. This access allows you to make a connection manually.

Call management

This menu is accessible during your calls, permitting you to:

- Swap a call if there is another call incoming.
- End a call.
- Be in Secret mode.


If you are in telephone conversation, you have access to this "Configuration" menu by means of a press on L or 7.

Swapping a call

During a telephone conversation, the system is able to tell you of a second call incoming. To accept it, validate. To change from one call to the other, select this choice.

End a call

This choice enables you to end a telephone conversation, for example if there is another call incoming.

Secret mode

Selecting this choice allows you not to be heard by the other person. To restore sound to the other person, select deactivation of Secret mode in the menu "Call Management".


If you wish to transfer a call from the audio system to the mobile telephone (for example when leaving your vehicle), refer to the user instructions for the latter.

Voice recognition

A short press on button 12 starts voice recognition for the telephone. Voice recognition allows you to make a call to a number for which you have recorded a label on the mobile telephone that is twinned and connected.


It is possible to stop the call as long as the dialling has not commenced, by means of a short press on button 12.


- While you are on a call, the audio source currently being listened to is paused.
- Some ring tones on your mobile telephone may not be recognised by the Bluetooth« system on your vehicle. A different ring tone will be chosen by the system.


Press the "MODE" button to display telephone information in the right hand part of the display. A "Telephone" symbol appears on your display when you connect a mobile telephone. A "Battery" symbol appears at the bottom of the display to indicate the range of the mobile telephone connected. An "Envelope" symbol appears at the bottom of the display to indicate the presence of an unread SMS on the mobile telephone connected. A "Sound track" symbol appears at the bottom of the display to indicate the presence of a message on the mobile telephone connected.

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