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The anti-intrusion alarm provides:

The anti-intrusion alarm provides:

Exterior perimeter protection by means of detectors on the vehicle access points (doors, boot, bonnet).

Electrical supply protection.

Interior volumetric protection by means of ultrasonic sensors (detecting movement inside the passenger compartment). This can be deactivated using the control A.

Anti-lifting protection by means of sensors.

The installation also has a siren, and a warning lamp on the control A which

The installation also has a siren, and a warning lamp on the control A which is visible from outside the vehicle, indicating the three possible statuses of the alarm.

Alarm not active (disarmed), warning lamp off.

Alarm active (armed), the warning lamp flashes slowly.

Alarm triggered (signalling an intrusion), the warning lamp flashes rapidly if the alarm is deactivated by a press on the control B. It stops as soon as you switch on the ignition.

Note: If there is a malfunction, the warning lamp remains permanently on.

Deactivation of the alarm usng the remote control

The alarm is disarmed when you unlock the vehicle (with a press on button B on the remote control).

Deactivation of the alarm with the key

Unlock the doors with the key. The siren triggers. Enter the vehicle, insert the key in the ignition and turn it to the drive position to stop the siren. Otherwise the siren will continue for approximately 30 seconds.

Operating the alarm First make sure all the doors are closed.

Operating the alarm First make sure all the doors are closed.

The alarm is armed by pressing button C on the remote control.

With the alarm armed, the protections are active after 5 seconds (perimeter) and 45 seconds (volumetric).

When the alarm is armed (on standby), any intrusion will trigger the siren for 30 seconds, accompanied by the direction indicators lighting up.

The alarm then goes back on standby. The triggering remains memorised. The warning lamp on button A flashes quickly when the alarm is deactivated by pressing the unlocking button B. This flashing stops when you switch on the ignition.

The siren is also triggered if there is a cutting of the electrical supply.

The siren is also triggered if there is a cutting of the electrical supply.

To stop it, restore the electrical supply then press on the unlocking button B.

Note: If you want to lock your vehicle without arming the alarm, just lock with the key only.

If you lock your vehicle and a door, or the boot, is still open, the central locking does not operate but the alarm will arm itself after approx. 45 seconds.

Note: The siren is automatically deactivated (for example for disconnecting the battery) as soon as the vehicle is unlocked using the remote control.

Deactivating the volumetric detection

You can operate the alarm with perimeter protection only, by deactivating the volumetric protection (if for example you wish to leave an animal in the vehicle).

Deactivation of the volumetric detection

Switch off the ignition.

Within 10 seconds, press button A until the warning lamp remains on permanently.

Exit the vehicle.

Lock or deadlock the vehicle with the remote control locking button.

The light on button A flashes once a second.

Note: It is recommended to deactivate the volumetric detection when washing the vehicle in order to prevent the random triggering of the alarm.

Automatic activation (depending on country)

The alarm is armed automatically, 2 minutes after the last door, or the boot, has been closed.

In order to prevent the alarm from triggering when you open one of the doors or the boot, it is essential to press the unlocking button B again on the remote control.

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