Rear view mirrors

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Interior rear view mirror

Interior rear view mirror

The lever on the lower edge enables you to place the rear view mirror in either of two positions.

Day position: the lever is not visible.

Night position (anti-dazzle): the lever is visible.

Automatic electrochrome interior and exterior rear view mirrors

Automatic electrochrome interior and exterior rear view mirrors

These provide an automatic and progressive change between day use and night use.

To prevent dazzle, the mirrors automatically become darker as a function of the intensity of light coming from the rear. They become lighter as soon as the brightness diminishes, thus ensuring optimal vision.


Press on button 1.

Warning lamp 2 on: automatic mode.

Warning lamp 2 off: automatic mode stopped. The mirror remains in its lightest definition.

Note: In order to ensure optimal visibility when manoeuvring, the interior and exterior rear view mirrors lighten when reverse gear is engaged.

Electric door mirrors adjustment

Electric door mirrors adjustment

This can operate when the ignition is switched on.

The driver selects the rear view mirror by moving control 1, to the left or to the right, then adjusts the mirror in the four directions by acting on control 2.

Demisting-deicing of the rear view mirrors is linked with that for the rear screen.

The adjustments you have made to the rear view mirrors are included in the memorisation of driving positions.

See Memorisation of driver's adjustments.

Fold-back of door mirrors

When the vehicle is parked, the door mirrors can be folded back either manually or electrically.

Electric fold-back

From the central position, one press towards the rear on control 1 folds the rear view mirrors back.

To return them to the initial position, press again on control 1 towards the rear.

Automatic fold-back on locking

Automatic fold-back operates when you lock the doors.

The opposite movement will take place on unlocking, unless foldback has been requested using control 1 before switching off the ignition.

Note: Automatic fold-back of the rear view mirrors can be deactivated.

Contact a CITROËN dealer.

In reverse gear: adjustment of the indexed positions for the passengers and drivers rear view mirrors

With the engine running:

1. Select the (driver's or passenger's) rear view mirror using control 1.
2. Engage reverse gear, the mirror glass automatically positions itself to improve your vision of the pavement.
3. Adjust the mirror to your preference using control 2.

These adjustments are automatically memorised.

The rear view mirrors resume their original position:

20 seconds after reverse gear is disengaged.

Once the vehicle reaches a speed of over 10 km/h (6 mph).

Deactivation of the driver's and passenger's indexed rear view mirrors function

To deactivate the function, move control 1 to the central position.

Note: this action cancels the indexing of the rear view mirrors if in progress.

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