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A. Sunlight sensor.

A. Sunlight sensor.

B. S oft air conditioning diffusion grille.

The soft diffusion grille located in the centre of the dashboard provides an optimum air distribution for the front seats.

This device eliminates unpleasant air currents whilst maintaining an optimum temperature in the passenger compartment.

To open the soft air diffusion grille, move the control knob upwards.

To close the soft air diffusion grille, move the control knob all the way down.

In very hot weather, to improve the central and lateral ventilation, closing off the soft diffusion air conditioning is recommended.

C. Air conditioned glovebox.

D. Rear passenger air vents.

You are advised to use the automatic air conditioning regulation.

This automatically regulates the following functions for maximum comfort : air flow, passenger compartment temperature, and air distribution, using different sensors (external temperature, sunlight).

This avoids the need to alter any of the settings, with the exception of the temperature displayed.

Take care not to obstruct the sunlight sensor A.

Provided you retain automatic mode (by pressing button AUTO) and all the air vents are open, you will maintain an optimum comfort level, also removing humidity and misting, whatever the ambient climatic conditions.

The temperature inside the cabin cannot be lower than the temperature outside if the air conditioning is not operating.

To be effective, the air conditioning should only be used with the windows closed. If after a lengthy stop in bright sunlight the interior temperature is excessive, air the passenger compartment by opening the windows for a few moments, then close them again.

To ensure the correct operation of the air conditioning system, it is essential to operate the air conditioning at least once a month.

The air conditioning operates by using power from the engine. This results in a slight increase in fuel consumption.

In certain extreme operating conditions (e.g. carrying a full load up a steep gradient in high temperatures), the switching off of the air conditioning allows more power to be transferred to the engine, thereby increasing the towing capacity.

Air inlet

Check that the exterior grille for the air inlet, at the bottom of the windscreen, is clean and free of dead leaves, snow, etc.

If washing the vehicle with a high pressure jet, avoid targeting the air inlet zone.

Air circulation

For your comfort we advise you to maintain a proper distribution of air within the cabin, both at the front and at the rear.

To obtain an even distribution of air, ensure that you do not obstruct the external air inlet grille located at the base of the windscreen, the air vents, the air outlets on the floor underneath the front seats, and the air extractor located behind the flaps in the boot.

The front and rear air vents are fitted with control knobs which allow you to control and direct the air flow. It is recommended to keep all the air vents open.

Dust/pollen filter

There is a filter for excluding pollen and dust.

This filter has to be changed according to the vehicle maintenance schedule.

See Maintenance Guide.

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