Diesel engines HDi 110 - HDi 138 (with particle filter)

Citroën C5 / Citroen C5 Owner's Manual / Maintenance / Diesel engines HDi 110 - HDi 138 (with particle filter)

1. Screen wash and headlamp wash reservoir.

1. Screen wash and headlamp wash reservoir.
2. Power steering fluid or power steering and suspension fluid reservoir.
3. Engine coolant reservoir.
4. Engine oil gauge.
5. Engine oil topping-up.
6. Air filter.
7. Brake fluid reservoir.
8. Battery.

The diesel fuel circuit being under high pressure:


HDi engines are the result of advanced technology.
Any intervention requires special qualifications which only a CITROËN dealer can guarantee.

Vehicles with HDi 138 engines may be fitted with metallic suspension. In this case, the power steering oil reservoir is different.

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