CD source

Citroën C5 / Citroen C5 Owner's Manual / Radio / CD source

Selecting CD source

After inserting a CD, with the printed side facing upwards, the player will start playing the CD automatically.

To change manually to CD source (CD already inserted), press button D until you obtain the source you require

Ejecting a CD

Press button B to eject the CD, the audio system will automatically switch to radio source.

If the CD is not removed within 10 to 15 seconds of being ejected, it will automatically be taken back into the CD player, although it will not be played.

Selecting a track

Press button K once to play the next track.

Press button N once to return to the beginning of the track currently being played, press a second time to go back to the start of the previous track.

Press the buttons successively to skip several tracks at a time.

You can also perform this operation using button G or button 9 at the steering wheel.

When the track listing is displayed, select the desired track using buttons J or M then validate with button L.

You can also do this via the controls 7 and 8 at the steering wheel.

Fast forward and rapid reverse with accelerated sound

To move swiftly through the CD, press and keep pressed button K or N, respectively for fast forward or rapid reverse with accelerated sound.

You can also do this via the controls 7 and 8 at the steering wheel.

Play resumes as normal when the button is released.


This menu allows activation/deactivation of two options:

Playback of the first 7 seconds (approx.) of each track of the CD.

Random playback of the CD tracks.

This can be accessed in two ways:

Either by pressing button O and proceeding as for Scanning of RDS stations – the submenu for Audio Preferences.

Or, provided you are in CD source, by pressing on button L. You can then access the Audio menu.

Note: If one of these options is active, it remains active for CD changer source.

Safety precautions

For safety, do not use a CD player if the cabin temperature is higher than +60 °C or lower than -10° C.

If the temperature becomes too high, an automatic safety device will prevent the CD player from working until an acceptable temperature is restored.

Handling of CDs

Do not drop them.

Store the CDs so that they are kept free of dust. Avoid touching the disc surface as any scratches may adversely affect the sound quality.

Do not attach any stickers to the discs.

Do not write on them.

Do not use damaged or deformed discs.

Do not expose them to heat or direct sunlight.

If the surface of the compact disc is dirty, it can be wiped with a soft, clean cloth. Always wipe from the centre of the disc outwards.

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