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A wide range of CITROËN replacement parts and accessories is available from the

A wide range of CITROËN replacement parts and accessories is available from the dealer network. They are all from the CITROËN catalogue. After being tested for reliability and safety, these parts and accessories are all adapted for your CITROËN vehicle.

The range is structured around 5 groups:

"Security and safety": anti-intrusion alarm, first aid kit, warning triangle, high visibility vest, snow chains and anti-slip covers, front foglamp kit, rear parking assistance...

"Comfort and leisure": floor mats, boot protector, storage box under rear shelf, sun blinds, roof bars, arm rest, telephone carrier, child seats and booster cushions, air freshener cartridges...

To avoid any interference with the pedals:

- ensure that any over-mats are correctly fitted,
- never superimpose one over-mat on another.

"Navigation and communication": Bluetooth hands-free kit, radios, portable navigation systems, CD changer, auxilliary cable for radio (e.g. connection between MP3 player and radio), speakers...

"Personalisation": seat covers, 15 and 17 inch light alloy wheel rims, wheel embellishers, standard mudflaps, style mudflaps, door deflectors, door aperture protectors, aluminium interior trim kit, door handle protectors...

"Boutique": screenwash fluid, cleaning and maintenance products for interior and exterior...

The fitting of electrical equipment or accessories that are not recommended by CITROËN may result in a failure of your vehicles electronic system or excessive current consumption. Please note this specific warning. It is advisable to contact a CITROËN dealer to be shown the recommended equipment and accessories.

Roof bars and roof boxes

The design of your vehicle is such that for your safety and to avoid damaging the roof and tailgate you should use roof bars and roof boxes that have been tested and approved by AUTOMOBILES CITROËN.


- Spread the load uniformly, taking care not to overload one side.
- Place the heaviest load as close as possible to the roof.
- Fix the load securely and attach warnings if the load is large.
- Drive gently, sensitivity to side winds is increased (the stability of your vehicle may be affected).
- Remove the roof bars when no longer needed.

Bicycle carrier

The installation of a bicycle carrier on the tailgate of 3 door models is prohibited.

Respect the authorised load capacity.

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